0660 – acknowledge the monkey-mind

This will be word vomit 0660 and I’m getting started on it on a Sunday morning at 1150am. Now this is starting to feel good.

0639 – beware articulate misdiagnoses and the illusion of knowledge

I want to reflect on an exchange of comments that I had on Hacker News. Here’s the context: Snap is about to IPO, and th

0519 – obliterate your subconscious taskmasters

Day 4 of the new year. Didn’t publish a word vomit yesterday. It’s interesting to think about the psychology and p

0492 – a subconscious filled with trivial games

I went to bed earlier than usual (which is probably the time I should actually be going to bed regularly, at around 10pm), and

0468 – boredom is a bug of the mind

(The following vomit gets a bit messy because I jump back and forth and repeat myself) I want to think and write about about b

0467 – past-induced glitchy limbo

I hold on to a lot of stuff from my past. I don’t think this is good for me. Examples? I don’t particularly hold o

0462 – beware grandiose proclamations

I have a few more minutes, I might as well try to hammer another one out. Let’s check my Trello / Evernote / Workflowy f

0454 – the echochamber is the siren

Almost two weeks ago, I voted for the first time, in Singapore’s general elections 2015. It was a pleasant and quick pro

0421 – beware false victory, and validation

I had an interesting thought this morning when I woke up. I published 4 word vomits yesterday, which is 4 times more than I’

0405 – dealing with slipping and with foggy black boxes

Had a couple of interesting conversations at work today that I want to explore a little more fully. The first is about what it

0400 – stop hoarding truth in boxes

As I woke up this morning and lounged in bed for a while, before going to the toilet and reading a book (currently re-reading:

0398 – beware of digression

Digression is fun Achieving your goals is more fun Do not digress at the expense of achieving your goals Alright, I’ve b

0397 – stop living life stressfully (the elephant can break free)

TLDR Collect desired end-states We are all elephants tied to posts Don’t waste time talking to other tied elephants; fre

0390 – my feelings are often wrong and unreliable

Recovering from my illness. I feel my mind returning. I have thoughts and questions to explore. I find myself thinking about t

0378 – stop describing problems without solving them

Over and over again I think it’s a good idea to revisit everything from first principles. Start from what you know is tr

0368 – ugh fields

It’s 3:25am and I should be asleep but I’m not. Me and my wife seem to be having this weird silly habit where we s

0341 – avoid “I’ll do it later”

I went to bed around 1120pm or so. I set two alarms- 600 and 710am. Didn’t hear the first one, woke up on the second one

0310 – stop kicking up sand

I would experience a certain exalted satisfaction if I finish another vomit tonight, because then I’d gone from 305 on m

0266 – beware the dark playground

(some repetition) Let’s zoom back out– the point of this vomit was to think and talk about games that allow me to have

0246 – reminder to focus on fundamentals after the feels

So those were some strong feels in the last post, and strong feels are good to have- at least some of the time, from time to t

0192 – “You’re only cheating yourself”

In an earlier word vomit- 0170 –  questioning assumptions; what got you here won’t get you there, I talked about a quest

0085 – Keep the psychologically-insulated parasite at bay

Random thoughts are hard to come by these days but I just found myself thinking about language and social hierarchy, thanks to