0649 – beware scope creep

I was writing a blogpost for work earlier today – and during my research phase I found myself effectively plotting the outli

0639 – beware articulate misdiagnoses and the illusion of knowledge

I want to reflect on an exchange of comments that I had on Hacker News. Here’s the context: Snap is about to IPO, and th

0466 – beware fuckarounditis

In September 2011, a guy named Martin Berkhan wrote a blogpost titled “Fuckarounditis”. He was using it to talk ab

0462 – beware grandiose proclamations

I have a few more minutes, I might as well try to hammer another one out. Let’s check my Trello / Evernote / Workflowy f

0421 – beware false victory, and validation

I had an interesting thought this morning when I woke up. I published 4 word vomits yesterday, which is 4 times more than I’

0398 – beware of digression

Digression is fun Achieving your goals is more fun Do not digress at the expense of achieving your goals Alright, I’ve b

0330 – beware overthinking (make decisions quicker)

I am an overthinker. I do it probably because it’s familiar and easy, because it’s the hammer in my hands that mak

0327 – beware self-flagellation, move forward instead

I am a self-flagellator. It’s a weird thing to realize, because for most of my life I thought I couldn’t care less

0323 – beware supernormal stimuli

There are lots of things that bother me, and sometimes I’m bothered by the things that bother me– i.e., I wish I weren’t

0266 – beware the dark playground

(some repetition) Let’s zoom back out– the point of this vomit was to think and talk about games that allow me to have

0259 – be cautiously wary of insight porn

The allure of insight porn The first time I read the phrase “insight porn”, it really hit me hard. I realize that