behavior design

0652 – write on your commutes

Commute vomit! I haven’t done one of these in a while. I find myself feeling like I don’t have enough time. Time i

0633 – slow down when responding to people (ugh fields)

There’s something a little strange about me that is a sort of bug that I want to correct. It’s kind of like “

0430 – needed changes and a perfect month

I’m writing this vomit by picking something from my to-do list. Somewhere– maybe a few vomits ago– I thought to myse

0407 – description of an average day

I’ve been trying to write about my habits in a sort of bullet list, in some sort of orderly fashion. Progress on that ha

0406 – reflecting on habits

I decided to take 5 minutes to ‘meditate’ and calm my mind before writing this. I was going to start without knowi

0405 – dealing with slipping and with foggy black boxes

Had a couple of interesting conversations at work today that I want to explore a little more fully. The first is about what it

0332 – primitive map of behaviors pt 2

Getting glazed over at work: Often after lunch, I have a post-lunch ‘crash’ where I’m all lethargic. This is

0331 – primitive map of behaviors pt1

Waking: When I wake up in the morning, I tend to lay in bed for a rather long time. I tend to pick up my phone and start going

0310 – stop kicking up sand

I would experience a certain exalted satisfaction if I finish another vomit tonight, because then I’d gone from 305 on m

0284 – the Internet and the Resistance

The Internet is a beautiful thing and I am incredibly thankful for it. Really, it’s a goddamn miracle that it exists, th

0267 – be humble in the face of environments

It’s humbling to discover how easy it is for me to fall back into old patterns and old routines. I enjoyed 5 days of minimal

0252 – mood music and limiting beliefs

[ Currently playing: Endeverafter – Road to Destruction ] Listening to music on a commute to work is an Interesting expe

0233 – improving my environment

Several times in my writing I have told myself that I want to improve my environment. I wrote in an earlier vomit– before I

0202 – smoking cessation and ten minute pomodoros

I had my last cigarette back in July 2014. I didn’t think that I would’ve stopped smoking so soon. I thought that I’d ha

0201 – breathe

I did not imagine that this is what I would begin the 200 series with. I knew that it was probably going to be something diffe

0178 – lean / mvp approach to developing a proper breakfast routine

Thursday 1120. Evernote on the way to work. Morning routines I need a morning routine. It used to be- wake up and go back to s

0175 – Behavioral change, Equilibrium states, Addiction, Ugly progress

This is to be my 2nd vomit of the day.  It’s been a while since I did two vomits in a day. If I can maintain 2/day, it&

0166 – Pullups at the playground

These posts were written on the 11th and 12th of July. Don’t really feel like writing but I’m going to do it anywa

0144 – reading in the mornings and the joy of decluttering

Yesterday was a glorious day for my head. I published a whole bunch of vomits all at one go, that I had done from March to May

0113 – If I can become a smoker, I can build other habits, too

Alright this is the first word vomit I’m doing in quite a while. How long has it been? Feels like 2 or 3 weeks. I can

0089 – starting beeminder

I don’t know if I’m just tired, but I just erased the past two starts I made at doing this vomit. This is of cours

0085 – Keep the psychologically-insulated parasite at bay

Random thoughts are hard to come by these days but I just found myself thinking about language and social hierarchy, thanks to

0082 – metaphorical airports destinations comfort zone

So what lenses should I build, what have I built, what is actually useful? (Let’s drop the lens analogy.) The answer is

0072 – don’t break the chain

I don’t actually know what I’m going to write about, I just know that I don’t want to break the chain I seem

0061 – RT, structure and routine

Wow this morning’s post was over 1.5k words. Somewhat remarkable. I just left work because I got to head to remedial tra

0055 – define your habits and improve them

Just got on the train,  damn it’s crowded. Wonder if I can complete a full word vomit before I get home. If I do, IR

0032 – “Safety” + Modifying Behaviour + Desire Paths

Should I go for another one, right now, hot off the heels of having just finished one vomit right before? Can I do 2000 words

0009 – Jugs Of Water and Motivational Posters

Word Vomit is 1000 words in 15 minutes, unedited. One of the favourite things I’ve ever done was to put a jug of water i