0171 – fundamentals, small changes, fixing laziness

Written in January 2014. How about  completely unplanned vomit, huh? Technically no vomit is completely unplanned because the

0154 – We Need To Talk About A

Improving yourself and your life, getting shit done, becoming a more optimal person, all of those things can be described in v

0149 – Channel your fury constructively; become stronger because of it

Defining Fury I have been struggling for a word to describe a condition that sometimes comes over me. I sometimes want to call

0147 – if it works, do you accelerate it?

This was started on Jan 2014, and completed today. If you know that something is changing, and it seems to be a good thing- i

0140 – ADHD pt 2

So it turns out that I have ADHD. I’m trying to take precautions to avoid throwing myself into the label and allowing it

0138 – Identify what makes YOU happy

For two weeks I managed to stick to a daily habit of writing down what I had done that day, watching a motivational video (why

0095 – more on gamification, relationships

Okay- while my mind is clear and I have a bit of time, I want to re-approach the ideas of gamification and subjectivization (i

0094 – games aren’t just games

Spent half my train ride looking for a really good picture of FemShep to use as a motivational wallpaper. (Heroine of Masss Ef

0087 – productivity apps fill buckets when they should be lighting fires

Here’s how I think we’re actually going to solve the productivity/procrastination problem. I’m a person with

0066 – starting over, reflections on procrastination

Life may not be meaningful but it can and should be exciting. That seems to be Elon’s conclusion following his existenti

0049 – “I didn’t do well because I didn’t study”

This is something I’ve said to many people over the years, in many situations. I say it to myself all the time and it

0041- Consider procrastination, and your inability to focus

I picked up smoking when I was 16 and smoked regularly until I was 22.5. I’d smoke in the morning when I woke up, I̵