0664 – tidy up after yourself

I was feeling pretty weird and shitty for a few weeks – not an all-encompassing shitty, just a sort of background shitty. A

0618 – magic adulting powers

What are the magic adulthood powers? # Monotasking This means doing the thing that you’re supposed to do, and tuning out eve

0590 – continuing to grapple with adulthood

Commute starts. I ran after the bus and caught it, am so thankful for thoughtful, observant drivers. And sometimes passengers

0534 – becoming a man means accepting responsibility

(started 25 sept 2015) When does a boy become a man? In some societies- tribal cultures in particular- there are very explicit

0448 – parents, peers and other benevolent plagues

I’ve been reflecting on how people get into drinking and smoking and drugs. And by extension, how my life has come along

0424 – the yin-yang nature of our inner child and parent

Amusingly, I have repeatedly messed up the numbers of the past few word vomits. I keep writing 0241, 0242, 0243 instead of 042

0395 – procrastination as Parent vs Child breakdown

I felt like that last post was a lot of beating around the bush and exploring the area around what I wanted to talk about with

0278 – parent yourself

So that was the big insight. As a young adult [1], my job is to parent myself. Now this is an interesting way of framing the p

0277 – adulthood is about learning to parent yourself

Well that last post was kind of messy and tried to say a whole bunch of things all at once, which I thought was a bit of a bac

0240 – destroy your limiting beliefs about food

Breakfast and limiting beliefs. Today has begun as a very beautiful day. I woke up at about 6:21am. I lay in bed and scanned t

0163 – Turning 24, my problems have not changed

Turning 24- wrote this on my birthday in June Life has been interesting and challenging, despite the occasional mundanity. And

0093 – transitioning to adulthood, maladjustment

Wasn’t actually planning to do a word vomit this morning- I was doing some reading ( today) But then