“I keep fantasising about this magical breakthrough around the corner that will suddenly make me incredibly efficient. From 20% to 80%. But that’s never going to happen. Even in the movies with the misleadingly compressed training montage + epic music, there is a phase of great, boring difficulty. You have to go from 20 to 25 to 30 and so on.

So the challenge for me is to increase my productivity from 20 to 25%. This can be uncomfortable to acknowledge. When I’m not paying attention to the meter, I don’t realize I’m at 20%. I feel like I’m doing the best I can. Which I kinda am, the same way a guy with a blunt axe is doing the best he can… without sharpening his axe. You partially sympathise with him, but mostly you think he’s an idiot. There’s all sorts of other things to consider- basic fitness, improving his swing, investing in buying and learning how to use a chainsaw.

There are no prizes for being the hardest working guy with a blunt axe. And reality is even more stark- chopping trees with a blunt axe and no axe skills is demoralising. The guy’s more likely to turn to bumming, drinking, etc. All consequences of a faulty, uncorrected internal combustion engine. A guy who knows how to use a chainsaw is going to fell more trees even if he’s less passionate about felling trees. Such is reality.” – http://visakanv.com/1000/0135-20-to-25/


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