0661 – make books a part of your life again

And now we’re on to the third and final vomit of the day. It’s 1210am on a Sunday morning. And I have to admit this feels

0660 – acknowledge the monkey-mind

This will be word vomit 0660 and I’m getting started on it on a Sunday morning at 1150am. Now this is starting to feel good.

0659 – make commitments to yourself and keep them

So I’m trying something new today. I slept later than I intended last night, so it’s now 1130am. I remember that the last

0657 + 0658 – identify your principles by examining your behavior patterns

What are my principles? A bunch of my colleagues were chatting about our company values and it was an interesting discussion

0656 – define concrete next steps on your radar

The time is now 10:05pm on a saturday night, March 25th 2017. It’s been quite a casual, lazy day. I watched some Extra Credi

0655 – cross one threshold at a time

Do I have time for another? I established earlier that if I wrote 2 vomits a day, I could be done in September. If I do 3 vomi

0654 – do reviews regularly so you can have more fun

I have a sprawling to-do list that’s just full of things that I haven’t gotten around to. This is an interesting challenge

0653 – get back in the game and reorient yourself

It’s 238am, Saturday, May 25th. My last published word vomit was on May 8th. It’s been 17 days. This is definitely too lon

0652 – write on your commutes

Commute vomit! I haven’t done one of these in a while. I find myself feeling like I don’t have enough time. Time i

0651 – in search of lost time

(Started last week, finishing this now.) The title is a title of a book by Marcel Proust. I believe I first heard of it while

0650 – if you’re not beating a fear, you’re hiding from it

(I started this a few days ago, I’m going to finish it now.) I was watching a video by Ramit Sethi over dinner earlier.

0649 – beware scope creep

I was writing a blogpost for work earlier today – and during my research phase I found myself effectively plotting the outli