0648 – work through the discomfort

Would be nice to be able to complete a word vomit right now before I got to bed. Let’s run through a quick status update

0647 – empty your cup and be free

I was working late yesterday when I found out about NASA’s discovery – that there are 7 exoplanets orbiting a dwarf st

0646 – excite yourself and spill paint everywhere, bitch

I was talking with a friend a while ago about the idea that we all have within us a consciousness that is ‘deeper’

0645 – manage your psychology

Some of the best and most interesting conversations I’ve ever had have been with my boss, who has more experience and pe

0644 – be mindful of time and the little things

Time passes incredibly fast. I was at work earlier, and it was maybe 530pm. Next thing I knew, it was 7pm, then 730. And I lef

0643 – greet death at the door

A friend’s father passed away earlier today. I talked about him getting cancer in word vomit 0010. This is word vomit 06

0642 – callie’s world

So what do I know so far. We have Calliope, Talia. A peer of Callie who’s very different from her. And some sort of Tony

0640 + 0641 – Calliope

Fiction. Preamble: I’ve known for a more-than-reasonable amount of time now that I want to be a writer. Writing is something

0639 – beware articulate misdiagnoses and the illusion of knowledge

I want to reflect on an exchange of comments that I had on Hacker News. Here’s the context: Snap is about to IPO, and th

0638 – seek a vision greater than your imagination can hold

I was going through my todo list and I saw an item that said “a vision for my life greater than my imagination can hold&