0637 – YOLO

For DC: “how can one best fulfill the saying live as if you might die tomorrow?” I’m a very naughty fellow, so whenever

0636 – the human game, pt 1

Essay WIP. I find myself thinking about an Alan Watts lecture, that you can find on YouTube titled The Human Game. And he talk

0635 – consider your contribution

I want to spend this vomit thinking about the contributions I want to make. I’m approaching the two-thirds mark (666 wor

0634 – strive to be sensitive, smart and strong

I wrote a tweetstorm a while ago (two years ago, wow) saying that “a man should be sensitive (to inputs from reality), s

0633 – slow down when responding to people (ugh fields)

There’s something a little strange about me that is a sort of bug that I want to correct. It’s kind of like “

0632 – most people want quiet, not justice for others

The world is large, and complicated, and there are all sorts of people in it. This seems to be surprisingly hard for some peop

0631 – optimize for years, not days; improve skills by learning specific new things

I missed a vomit yesterday because I was so tired and sleepy – which means that I gotta do two today. But if I just do one,

0630 – step into your ugh fields bit by bit

Let’s pick up where we left off. // Who did you have to be? I had to be compliant enough to do as I was told, to follow

0629 – remember to go upstream

I just re-watched Tony Robbins: I am not your guru. I’m not sure if I wrote my thoughts the first time around, but here they

0628 – review your stuff hyper-regularly and do a little bit every day

Today was an interesting day in terms of productivity. I woke up later than I’d have liked, and spent a bit of time just

0627 – comment your code (to convey intent, context, next steps)

So I’ve been trying to make sure that I publish at least one word vomit for each day of 2017. That way, in the worst cas

0626 – be mindful of history and time

I spent an evening out with friends today, and it was a rather pleasant evening. I didn’t exactly learn anything amazing or

0625 – consolidate your thoughts

I feel a slight increase in mental clarity after finalising my thoughts on a project that I want to work on. I know it seems c

0624 – create spaces to nurture others

Teenage spaces – stairwells, liminal spaces. Places to hang out, be themselves. Kids are not allowed to make too much noise

0623 – “asshole grandpa”

In the previous vomit I talked about the fragmentation of all things, particularly social fragmentation. It was triggered by m

0622 – everything is incredibly fragmented and broken

It’s interesting to contemplate the effect that families have on individuals. I’m born to a Hindu tamil family in Singapor

0621 – hello 2017

And so we begin another trip around the sun, as collectively agreed upon. It’s a new day of a new year in social reality. So