0601 – consider the end-game

So we’re now 60% through with this word vomits project. A lot has changed. All I knew in the beginning was that I wanted

0599 + 0600 – learn to be violent

Violence is a fundamental part of nature, red in tooth and claw. Earlier today I saw a cute little housecat that was probably

0597 + 0598 – religion

Thought I’d write about my thoughts about religion, and how my perspective on it has changed from my childhood to the presen

0596 – cherish your friends

As at 26 year old, it’s interesting to look back on my relationships with other people when I was younger, and to think abou

0595 – tentative thoughts about gender

I’ve been thinking a lot about manhood and masculinity over the past year or so. I haven’t been obsessive about it; it’s

0594 – seek out the difficult conversations

I have an old friend that I’ve been talking to for almost a decade now, and I enjoy reflecting on the history of our convers

0593 – learn from your experience

I have a todo item titled “what experience teaches you”. I was reading somewhere about how as you get older, your enthusia

0592 – value your own time

I created a todo list task for myself titled “value my own time”. It stemmed from a conversation I had with an older colle

0591 – dream a little bigger, darling

I think my life can be a little seasonal sometimes. Lots of people around me often talk about productivity as though it’s so

0590 – continuing to grapple with adulthood

Commute starts. I ran after the bus and caught it, am so thankful for thoughtful, observant drivers. And sometimes passengers

0589 – keep on writing

I read something yesterday that reminded me of what I want to be doing with my life. It was an article about how sometimes pro

0588 – the domestication of humans

(Commute begins.) Let me start by thinking about yesterday’s post. There’s an image I saw recently- an artistic image of a

0587 – begin the day with a review, not social media

Sometimes when my wife’s phone is out of battery, she’d borrow mine and scroll through my Facebook feed. (I do tak

0586 – Onwards to SG100

Singapore’s survival is not guaranteed. If you’ve followed Game of Thrones, or Mass Effect, or the Ender’s Game prequels