0551 – any issues?

A: I was asked if I have any issues. B: Well, do you? A: I don’t know. Doesn’t everybody? What is an issue? B: Wel

0550 – a life of quiet desperation

(fiction) There’s a guy who’s stuck in a dead-end office job. Every day gets out of the box box he calls home and gets int

0549 – write true sentences

What does it take to write a piece of fiction? You have to start with something. You could start with a person, or perhaps a p

0548 – go running every week for mental clarity

I just got home from a run. I found myself thinking, as I often do after my infrequent, irregular runs, that my mind was feeli

0547 – “if everyone were zombies”

It’s interesting to me that so many teenagers develop the idea that nobody understands them, that they’re uniquely self-aw

0546 – the future of my words

Some writing comes more easily than others. Some writing requires cross-referencing with other work, and that’s always a

0545 – find humor in your dark times

There’s an enticing idea in the game of Zen and spirituality and philosophy and whatnot, which goes something like this:

0544 – a man lives in a box

A man lives in a box. He has lived for 9,409 days, and has been living in the box for 1,155 days. It’s a pretty nice box

0543 – writing as joyful self-correspondence

I suspect that I might have already written a word vomit about this but another one won’t hurt, since I’ve found m

0542 – more good than bad, please

The time is 330am. I got in bed at midnight. I’m not sure if I fell asleep at any point, but it was 2am when I found mys

0541 – forgotten gods

Questions: there’s a relationship between the ‘power’ of a god and how/why people believe in it (consider how greek myth