0540 – strive to break out of your box

This weekend wasn’t as productive as I was hoping it was going to be. That’s interesting– Why do I say hoping? W

0539 – end 2015

(started 24 dec 2015) So I’ve made it through another year. Not bad. It’s probably been legitimately the best year

0538 – evaluate (and do not tolerate) your problems

(started 4 oct 2015) In an earlier vomit, I mentioned that I already pretty much know what all my problems are and I know what

0537 – what is going on?

What are we, what is going on, what should we do? We’re all bags of cells. A hundred trillion nanobots working together,

0536 – Lemmy (This is not a practice life)

(29 Dec 2015) I woke up today and learned that Lemmy from Motorhead is dead. I wasn’t particularly a big fan of the band

0535 – 2015 in review [DUPLICATE OF 0513]

(started 2015-12-21) The year is coming to a close, and with it there’s a general atmosphere of slowing down, breathing

0534 – becoming a man means accepting responsibility

(started 25 sept 2015) When does a boy become a man? In some societies- tribal cultures in particular- there are very explicit

0533 – the next steps of my writing journey

(started 13nov2015) I love the winds we get at the end of the year. They’re so calming, refreshing, and a little melanch

0532 – guilt as a signalling mechanism

(started 3rd nov 2015) Let’s start with a bit of skepticism. I’ve written about feeling guilty several times befor

0531 – do things for placebo purposes

(Started in Oct 2015) I just downloaded an app called Byword and I’m using it to write right now. It cost me $15. Part o

0530 – first monthly review

So the first month of 2016 is over. I’ve done a few good things. I’ve met some friends- I remember 4 specific meet

0529 – gently calibrate your expectations

I’m in an uber on the way home from meeting my friends. My battery died but I just remembered that I have a fully charge