0528 – break things down

Sometimes it feels like there are gaps in my reasoning or gaps in my understanding of my own behavior. Why am I not writing ev

0527 – next steps for main blog

I’ve been starting to post things on my main blog again. It’s interesting for me to try to be mindful about what I

0526 – revise and refine your personal algorithms (they’ll set you free)

I’m thinking about Facebook and video games again, and personal growth and scaling difficulty. When you play a game such

0525 – strive to transition from ordeal to adventure

There are many metaphors for thinking about life. One of the most common is probably “life as journey”. Birth is t

0524 – acknowledge the silly “big-minded man” game

I think I’ve been approaching fiction the wrong way. I start with big ideas. But what’s the point? People don̵

0523 – prioritize developing your work ethic

What is work ethic? Wikipedia says it’s a value based on hard work and diligence, and frames it in the context of Marxis

0522 – strive to do more than ‘getting by’

It’s interesting to think about how many teenagers come to the conclusion that the world is full of mindless zombies, th

0521 – next steps for writing and work

The last vomit ended with “I have not answered the central question”. Probably because I didn’t ask it clear

0520 – know what you want and go get it

I woke up pretty early yesterday, I think. It was probably around 7 or 8 am. I left for work at 9-something, got to office at

0519 – obliterate your subconscious taskmasters

Day 4 of the new year. Didn’t publish a word vomit yesterday. It’s interesting to think about the psychology and p

0518 – refactoring my personal library

So it’s the second day of the new year, and it’s a weekend, and so far so good. I hit the gym, did some squats. Di

0517 – writing for a richer experience of reality

I wrote two vomits earlier– first about my goals for 2016 (get physically stronger + write daily + review daily + do more de

0516 – hello 2016: mindset (zero to one + pursue responsibility)

In the previous vomit I thought about my goals– I’ve learned that it’s important to have concrete, measurable go

0515 – hello 2016: goals

So we’re halfway through the first day of 2016. A year is an arbitrary signifier of the passage of time, but it’s