0493 – suspend judgement of low-res work, increase resolution through practice

I’m writing this one while I’m on the train, taking the Green line (east-west) from my workplace to my parent̵

0492 – a subconscious filled with trivial games

I went to bed earlier than usual (which is probably the time I should actually be going to bed regularly, at around 10pm), and

0491 – everything changes so stop holding so tight

Have had a few recurring conversations recently– first with my wife then with a couple of my colleagues, and I suppose I wro

0490 – mindfully avoid muscle memory

The brain is an interesting thing. If complexity were a measure of interestingness, it would be the most interesting thing in

0489 – a weekend of refactoring

It’s been a good weekend. Yesterday I woke up really early with my mind swimming with thoughts, and I wrote a full 8 vom

0488 – getting shit done is a lot of work

So this is interesting. It’s 12 noon now. I was able to chug from 5am till about 730am, then I got tired and started rea

0487 – progress is cringeborne

One of the best signs of progress is when you find yourself cringing at your own work. The more recent the work you cringe at,

0486 – boredom is a symptom of a cluttered mind

I think I wrote about this as a Facebook status before, because I was so excited about it, but it’ll be good to revisit

0485 – the athlete must play hurt

Took a short break, drank some water and I’m back for round 5. The title of this post is from a line from Steven Pressfi

0484 – use good tools (but don’t obssess endlessly about them)

Back for number 4 at 0633hrs. There’s something very calming about writing in this Byword screen, which is all minimalis

0483 – stop fussing about Poor Little Me

I distracted myself for a few minutes, and it’s now 5:58am as I begin my third vomit. I think I’m okay with that.

0482 – gooey people and prickly people

The first vomit of the day is done, and it’s now 5:34. If I can keep this pace up (of course I can’t, but just for

0481 – consider glorious possibilities of new ideascapes

It’s 5:15am. I woke up a while ago. What time did I go to bed? I think around midnight. This is an unusual occurrence, a

0480 – “Why do you read?”

Before words were written, they were spoken. They probably started out as grunts and yelps and growls. Somehow, over time, the

0479 – revisit the Resistance

I started re-reading Steven Pressfield’s War Of Art on a whim, after cycling through a bunch of other reads– Guns Germ

0478 – moving forward

It’s funny to me that I spent some time writing half-vomits that I didn’t publish, and then suddenly I wrote a tri

0475 + 0476 + 0477 – How did I get here?

It’s always fun to pay attention to all the different kinds of stimuli I encounter, which then trigger a series of paral

0474 – “Do you have any writing advice?”

This post was written direct to Medium. For you? Of course! 🙂 Before anything else, you have to know what you want to say.

0473 – strive to breathe easier

Haven’t written a full vomit in a while. Sometimes I get started but then I don’t finish. Had two or three starts

0472 – experiment with pretending you don’t have problems

A: Hey, you free for a chat? B: Always. What’s up? A: I was hoping to catch you in a more relaxed, unprofessional sort o

0471 – strive for mastery in the artful application of force

My mind has been triangulating onto upon a simple idea over time: A lot of life is about the artful, appropriate application o

0470 – to be or not to be (in one’s self-interest)

It’s 437am and I’m having trouble sleeping. I have a meeting at 11, so I’ll have to be out of the house befo

0469 – make the decision to grow

In both Mean Girls and in The Office and I think in many other stories that we find compelling, the hero goes through a diffic

0468 – boredom is a bug of the mind

(The following vomit gets a bit messy because I jump back and forth and repeat myself) I want to think and write about about b