0318 – Romance of Late Nights

I’ve been sleeping earlier and earlier the past few days. I went to bed at midnight yesterday, before 1am the day before

0317 – somewhat existential

Somewhat existential. Been feeling a bit of a cloudy sort of mood for a while. Not exactly the “Oh woe is me, I’m

0316 – thinking and talking about anger

C: Okay, okay. I think I need help. Can you help me? B: I can try. What do you need help with? C: I think most people are real

0315 – sorta starting from scratch, managing the mind

Every so often it helps to start from scratch. What do I really want to be doing? What am I really all about? What should I be

0314 – writing when tired, little rubbish piles

I wrote that last post– 0313– right after lunch, while in a food coma of sorts. I would’ve typically much rather hav

0313 – tenative thoughts about content labor and process management

There’s an idea that’s been swirling in my mind for quite some time. The adjacent ideas are “writer’s

0312 – B and C

C: So… is that what you guys do all the time? Sit around and talk about life? B: You could say that. What do you usually

0311 – Introducing C

A: You know, we’ve been chatting for some time now and I’ve been having a pretty good time. You challenge me in a way that

0310 – stop kicking up sand

I would experience a certain exalted satisfaction if I finish another vomit tonight, because then I’d gone from 305 on m

0309 – draw an arbitrary line in the sand

B: So what would you do if you could do absolutely anything you wanted, if money were no object? A: Right now really there are

0308 – Draw, Play, Explore

A: I just need to draw, play, explore. B: Are you saying that you aren’t doing that already? A: I suppose if I’m d

0307 – dealing with plateaus

A: Lately I’ve been thinking about exit decisions, about the potential or opportunity of throwing away everything to sta

0306 – Terrangima, The Hero and the Call To Adventure

There’s a beautiful game called Terranigma, which is a pretty interesting spin on the classic Hero’s Journey. Not

0305 – 2nd workout, reflecting on overthinking

I have a thought in my head, which is “I regret the amount of time I spent on Tumblr/Facebook.” It’s an inte

0304 – meta-confession

A: I have a meta-confession. B: What the fuck is a meta-confession? A: I want to confess that I seem to enjoy confessions a li

0303 – building up the meatbag

A: I have a theory. B: Let’s hear it. A: I think I’ve been suffering from a mild testosterone deficiency of sorts.

0302 – breaking out of patterns

A: I need some help. B: That’s what I’m here for. A: I’m having some sort of cold feet situation, experienci

0301 – gym, and how I usually get stuck

A: So. B: So? A: I went to the gym and I feel fucking incredible. I did a few big compound exercises until I started to feel m

0300 – break free from your stale, suffocating patterns

B: So the more interesting question to ask, I think, is why do you feel this way? Why do you constantly overestimate yourself?

0299 – let go of your guilt, shame and bad estimates

A: I feel like I’ve accumulated a lot of baggage that’s wearing me down and keeping me from living my life. B: Why

0298 – confront the fears that paralyze you

A: People are boring and predictable. B: Why, how boring and predictable of you. A: I KNOW. It bothers me. I don’t want

0297 – dialogue

A: I’ve decided to start doing my vomits in the form of dialogues. B: Why? A: Lately I’ve been feeling a little st

0296 – procrastination equation– expectancy and value

The procrastination equation has four parts: expectancy, which is how much you genuinely believe you’re likely to comple

0295 – forgive your inner criminal

TLDR: Love the sinner, hate the sin. Now I want to reflect on a rather liberating thought that I had awhile ago. I’m not

0294 – believe that you can become a responsible person

Right, so hot on the heels of the last post, the question to be answered is– what does it mean to achieve a happy medium? Wh

0293 – get better at estimating (start small)

I would like to do 9 more vomits before I go to bed tonight, though I recognize that that’s probably not very feasible.

0292 – the way to do it is piecemeal: learn one new song at a time

I have a Workflowy that is full of prompts and thoughts and suggestions that I’m trying to pare down. I do that by delet

0291 – my lacklustre relationship with poker

My blah relationship with Poker I first properly encountered Poker on Facebook. There was a Texas Hold-Em game that you could

0290 – what makes a good video game?

What makes a good video game? This is another one of those things that was on my list. I grew up absolutely in love with many

0289 – what to do if you’re stuck in the Singaporean education system and you hate it

This is something I wish I had read when I was 15, 16, 17, 18. It’s written for a very narrow audience, and does not app

0288 – a letter to JC retainees

This has been on my “to write” list for a very, very long time. I think I’ve been putting it off because I w

0287 – Change the lights

When I bought my home and got my keys and moved in, it was dusty and mildly derelict. The previous owners had vacated over two

0286 – don’t want to be frustrated

I woke up this morning feeling a little tired and frustrated. It might have had something to do with the fact that I spent a v

0285 – Conan, Stark and Heroic Journeys

I once played a video game at a friend’s house about Conan The Barbarian. It was similar to God Of War, where you’

0284 – the Internet and the Resistance

The Internet is a beautiful thing and I am incredibly thankful for it. Really, it’s a goddamn miracle that it exists, th

0283 – narratives, weirdness, imperfections

Playing with narratives. Narratives are powerful, heady stuff. The brain is supposedly wired to think in narratives rather tha

0282 – make your plans together with your inner child

This is vomit number 7 in today’s streak. When this is done we’d have written over 7,000 words in a single afterno

0281 – zoom out to see how you’re blocking yourself

Life is full of wonderful ironies that reveal hypocrisy in my thinking. But that’s good, because everytime I discover th

0280 – pleasant vs unpleasant, matter of perspective

So I’ve established in my last few vomits that one of my central problems is trying to think that I can figure out what

0279 – win yourself over

I think I mentioned this earlier but I’ll repeat it– I’ve been very curious about the problem of akrasia, where

0278 – parent yourself

So that was the big insight. As a young adult [1], my job is to parent myself. Now this is an interesting way of framing the p

0277 – adulthood is about learning to parent yourself

Well that last post was kind of messy and tried to say a whole bunch of things all at once, which I thought was a bit of a bac

0276 – listen to yourself

Let’s start with the immediate thought– a few weeks ago I did 10 word vomits in a single day. I had previously always

0275 – the problem with getting things done

The problem with Getting Things Done (GTD) – for me, at least– is that you have to know what you want to do. You have to

0274 – claw out of delusion

The only way out of a delusion is to test things against reality. So I have to test things against reality. So a natural outco

0273 – ask yourself questions about what’s holding you back, and answer them honestly

I have been trying for years now to solve a problem (or set of problems) that I have not been able to adequately define. There

0272 – let go of cheap validation, do hard things instead

It feels like I haven’t done a proper vomit in a few days. I did a version-one glossary of terms that I tend to use, and