0270 + 0271 – Glossary of Stuff I Talk About v1.0

One of my goals for this word vomit project is to develop a more elegant, structured sense of my own mind and my own thinking.

0269 – leave your comfort zone regularly (lectured to SMU students)

Yesterday evening I did something for the first time– I gave an hour-and-a-half lecture to a group of students at SMU about

0268 – see through the circus and focus on the fundamentals

Before I get to work I just wanted to write a quick reminder (heh, 1000 words as quickly as possible– starting time, 11:38am

0267 – be humble in the face of environments

It’s humbling to discover how easy it is for me to fall back into old patterns and old routines. I enjoyed 5 days of minimal

0266 – beware the dark playground

(some repetition) Let’s zoom back out– the point of this vomit was to think and talk about games that allow me to have

0265 – games that help with time and money

Games and projects that really give you a sense of life, in terms of $$ / time? (0093) Mass Effect. Dragon Age. (I suppose thi

0264 – cultivate different perspectives (by moving yourself)

I left a prompt for myself titled “cultivating a different perspective”. I suppose I wanted to remind myself that

0263 – Stop searching under streetlights

It’s a familiar joke and visual that I’ve thought about several times– the idea of a drunk looking for his keys

0262 – Megaman X and how we teach ourselves

There’s this video that I’ve watched several times on now on YouTube– it’s by this series called Sequeliti

0261 – Solve For Adoption (Consider Esperanto)

I just wanted to remind myself that getting something adopted– getting something implemented– is every bit as hard as comi

0260 – moments out of time

I had a moment earlier which I really wanted to capture, which also reminded me of several other moments. I’d like to ch

0259 – be cautiously wary of insight porn

The allure of insight porn The first time I read the phrase “insight porn”, it really hit me hard. I realize that

0258 – entirely within my control

I’m in bed right now and I feel strangely compelled to start and complete a word vomit before I go to bed. I don’t

0257 – books, trains and people

I just reached work at lunch time, and everybody’s gone so I wonder if I can quickly dash off a vomit here right now. I

0256 – commit to personal daily sitdowns

According to my sleep tracker that I just started using– it’s not entirely accurate I’m sure– I was in bed for

0255 – fail forward

What is it that influences my volume of writing? How do I write more, faster? It makes me sad to think that I might take years

0254 – old friends, denying and embracing the now

Old friends I met an old friend for dinner and drinks a couple of days ago and I really liked it. It was pleasant. On hindsigh

0253 – repeat yourself as much as you have to; just keep moving

Blind hope is a dangerous thing. It makes me believe that tomorrow will be better without me doing anything about it. The most

0252 – mood music and limiting beliefs

[ Currently playing: Endeverafter – Road to Destruction ] Listening to music on a commute to work is an Interesting expe

0251 – practice meditation regularly

I can’t remember when I first started paying attention to the idea of meditation– it’s been quite a long time. I

0250 – two hundred and fifty thousand

Two hundred and fifty thousand I was “supposed” to be done with this yesterday, but I seem to have this strange ha

0249 – take slow walks

Slow walks. As I got out of the train today after a week of sickness, a day of work and a conversation with an old friend, I t

0248 – develop productive rituals

I woke up a short while ago, don’t yet know what I’m going to write. I’m still coughing up phlegm– I told

0247 – reminder to confront limiting beliefs

Integrity, reliability, responsibility. (Leadership, discipline…) All a bunch of buzzwords that I remember seeing on the

0246 – reminder to focus on fundamentals after the feels

So those were some strong feels in the last post, and strong feels are good to have- at least some of the time, from time to t

0245 – reminder that greatness is goddamn hard

I want to write about this idea… that doing good doesn’t always feel good. I think I first encountered this idea i

0244 – reminder that writing is therapy

I’m literally sick, with a cough and a flu of some sort. It’s kind of odd that after 20++ years I still completely

0243 – unwell

I’m feeling unwell right now and it’s interesting for me to pay attention to my headspace. It’s a kind of al