0195 – strive to globally-maximize your enjoyment of life

I lost my last word vomit- it felt like it was some of the best work that I’ve ever done, and I lost all of it before I

0194 – mvp model of personal development

Ugh, I just wasted a bit of time before writing this by going on reddit. I got a couple of little links and stuff out of it, b

0193 – prioritize ruthlessly and follow through

It is now midnight, I wish I had gotten home by 11pm and I wish I had written this vomit 25 minutes earlier. All of that is an

0192 – “You’re only cheating yourself”

In an earlier word vomit- 0170 –  questioning assumptions; what got you here won’t get you there, I talked about a quest

0191 – I Unfriended Everybody

I’ve been getting a lot of utility from meditating on Everything Is A Remix. It’s a simple yet incredibly powerful

0190 – awakening to inner richness

I wonder if I could write a thousand words before I go to bed when I’m in a rather tired, sleepy state. I think I can. L

0188 + 0189 – the kind of person who insists that shit gets done

I’ve been smoke free for over 15 to 16 weeks now. I’m not sure of the exact date anymore. I no longer get cravings

0187 – Reading Dostoyevsky and repeating myself

I bought 10 books at a book fair a while ago days ago, one of them was Notes From Underground by Fydor Dostoyevsky, the Russi

0186 – A list of “What I’ve Learnt”s, part 2

– creating \(n_n)/, or How To Build A Community I’m amused at how poor all the “how to create a community” blogpos

0185 – A list of “What I’ve Learnt”s

I had a list of old prompts lying around in my Evernote since forever. Finally, on a day where I felt full of writerly energy,

0184 – What moves me?

I was about to write “I used to think that developing discipline would cramp my improvisational style”, but then I

0183 – Everything is a remix + checkpoints and milestones

I watched the video on youtube and it triggered some thoughts. 1: Somebody recorded and replayed his recording of his voice ov

0182 – I will probably work on procrastination and productivity problems

Started this post in July 2014. Just finished it.  Founder-Market Fit Founder market fit is something that precedes product m