0181 – Writing Wet And Dry

The following is a post that I wrote on Aug 6 2014. It had only 750+ words, which wasn’t enough for my arbitrary standar

0180 – Hold me back, else I’ll… do something!

This post was written maybe a week ago, and I had stopped at around 900+ words. Hopefully once I cross 0200 I’ll stop pu

0179 – Why can we sometimes change our habits, and sometimes not?

Behavioral change: What separates successful attempts from unsuccessful attempts? The answer I most hate is “you have to

0178 – lean / mvp approach to developing a proper breakfast routine

Thursday 1120. Evernote on the way to work. Morning routines I need a morning routine. It used to be- wake up and go back to s

0177 – Why bother doing your work when the universe is going to be extinguished in the end?

Immediately hot on the heels of the last post. 10x more swearing that usual. Why bother doing your work when the universe is g

0176 – the state of my vomits represents my life quite well

End of the day, 0017hrs. Done with shower. Waiting for wife to shower. The vomits are a tragicomic manifestation of my life at

0175 – Behavioral change, Equilibrium states, Addiction, Ugly progress

This is to be my 2nd vomit of the day.  It’s been a while since I did two vomits in a day. If I can maintain 2/day, it&

0174 – Impulse, Motivation, Dreams, Discipline

I just woke up after what felt like a really good night’s sleep and I decided to start with a word vomit. I want to get

0173 – New Lens Become New Blinders

It looks like I began writing this in 2013. Blinders New ways of seeing can become new sets of blinders. MBTI was like this fo

0172 – Books, addiction, magic

Reminiscing about past. I was going to write about my secondary school and JC days but I guess I’ll get back to that ano

0171 – fundamentals, small changes, fixing laziness

Written in January 2014. How about  completely unplanned vomit, huh? Technically no vomit is completely unplanned because the

0170 – question assumptions; what got you here won’t get you there

Fishes don’t know that they’re in water. And we don’t realize that we’re in unique cultures and enviro

0169 – Marketing, 7 Sins

January 2014. Another day passes. My 2nd day of not smoking. Feels good, feels fresh. Some unsettled stirrings- mouth ‘i

0168 – The Patient Saboteur + Questions for Singapore

These words were largely written on 6 January 2014. Just scanned a bunch of books via goodreads and deleted a bunch of drafts

0167 – Reading Under The Desk + Groups are scary

When I was in my second or third year in Junior College (I flunked my first year- was too busy smoking cigarettes, playing bas

0166 – Pullups at the playground

These posts were written on the 11th and 12th of July. Don’t really feel like writing but I’m going to do it anywa

0165 – read what you love and teach people to fish

This was written in June 2014. I am trying to rekindle the habit of doing vomits. I did one this morning on the way to work an

0164 – Recognizing Naivete, and #welcometothecircus

This was written towards the end of June 2014. Naivete I naively hoped that I would be doing 2 word vomits a day, finishing al

0163 – Turning 24, my problems have not changed

Turning 24- wrote this on my birthday in June Life has been interesting and challenging, despite the occasional mundanity. And

0162 – Identify your wants and utility functions

I wrote this in May 2014, publishing now. I’m sure I’ve written about this before, but each time I strip away some

0161 – Overstimulated

There’s a scene in one of the earlier episodes of The West Wing where the White House Chief Of Staff, Leo McGarry, descr

0160 – Motivation is an odd thing

This post was written in February 2014, but I’m only publishing it now. Motivation is an odd thing. What does it mean? L