0148 – becoming a better writer

This post was started in Jan 2014, and completed today. My blog started out as a random cache of brain farts and rants, and I

0147 – if it works, do you accelerate it?

This was started on Jan 2014, and completed today. If you know that something is changing, and it seems to be a good thing- i

0146 – a utilitarian approach to social media

I’ve been really frustrated with the state of discourse in most fields. Most people are, in my biased opinion, caught up

0145 – skinny, small changes big results, acknowledging issues

This was written around April 2014. I’ve always been underweight, my whole life. I suppose I’ve had a rather unhea

0144 – reading in the mornings and the joy of decluttering

Yesterday was a glorious day for my head. I published a whole bunch of vomits all at one go, that I had done from March to May

0143 – question your assumptions about how life should be lived

This post was written in May 2014. Lost Illusions I find myself questioning many of my assumptions about how life should be li

0142 – Arbitrary configurations of reality

Written in April 2014. Haven’t been writing. Why? Any good reason? Feels like a natural ebb and flow. Got kind of tired.

0141 – RT, narratives, play, 2048

This was written in April 2014 or so. I went for remedial training yesterday. I had to do it because I missed my IPPT, and now

0140 – ADHD pt 2

So it turns out that I have ADHD. I’m trying to take precautions to avoid throwing myself into the label and allowing it

0139 – ADHD

A couple of smart mentors have suggested to me in the past that I have some sort of ADHD, and I read a couple of accounts from

0138 – Identify what makes YOU happy

For two weeks I managed to stick to a daily habit of writing down what I had done that day, watching a motivational video (why

0137 – make time for Life

This was written late March 2014. It’s already March and soon it will be April of 2014, but I’m still thinking abo

0136 – quality conversations, questions and thoughtfulness

This was written on March 25th, 2014. I like good conversations. I think good conversations are enriching, good for the mind a

0135 – strive to go from 20% to 25%

This was written on March 3rd, 2014. I think I’ve spent a lot of my life feeling like I’m only as 20% as productiv

0134 – address your anger and jealousy

This post was written a while ago. Not sure exactly how long ago.  I’m feeling angry and jealous. Jealousy of course is