0112 – vomit summaries + first principles

I decided that I was going to summarize and “process” my first hundred vomits before moving forward. I found mysel

0111 – activation energy hypothesis + tattoos, piercings, mohawks

16th oct How do you quit smoking? How do you become a responsible person? How does change happen? I know books are written abo

0110 – life should be interesting + boring task mgmt stuff

I logged into Facebook on a whim- I try to keep off it these days. I saw that Nassim Taleb was in Singapore. What are the odds

0109 – Manufactured Context + commit to flow, and interestingness

TLDR: we don’t have much free will if any stop insisting you’re in control modify your context/environment pursue

0108 – future as escapism

12 sept Feel the urge to tidy up, to have a landing page. But life is messy! It’ll never be possible to tidy up years of

0107 – book summaries, facebook fatigue, focus

3rd sept 2013 I’m convinced that good book summaries and quotes are important. It’s startling to go through a good

0106 – consider the pointlessness of argument

1st Sept 2013 Smoking: I had two cigarettes yesterday. I didn’t enjoy them and my mouth is icky even now. It’s not

0105 – be aware of your addictions and dependencies

(old post- 31st august 2013) Haven’t written because I feel like I’m repeating myself and I have zero authority. N

0104 – manage your information diet and lethargy

(this is an old post- should really be about 20 vomits ago or so. 26th of august.) “This mrt ppc curve is not maximised&

0103 – The sneaky procrastinator waits patiently for The Slip

A picture speaks a thousand words, so lets start with that.   Do you see The Slips? If I didn’t use this external t

0102 – Mean Girls, a tentative/preliminary analysis

I watched Mean Girls for the first time today, a full 9 years after it came out. I absolutely loved it, for the same reason Ve

0101 – 14 days later (update from the light-fires-not-fill-buckets guy)

Boring Preamble About My Word Vomits This is my 101st word vomit of at least 1,000 words each. The early vomits were written u

0100B – protect your inner child from smoking and abusive relationships

This is titled 0100B because I repeated a number somewhere and decided to resolve it here. People in abusive relationships ret

0100 – cigarettes and facebook

Our vocabulary for addiction and personal change or development is so limited. It’s so simplistic and juvenile, and it&#

0099 – education and identity, school is obsolete rah rah

Tuesday morning. Okay I’m up and on the way to work, a little late. I got online after finishing my word vomit, and pred

0098 – everything we do is to feel good

Everything we do is to feel good about ourselves, even at the expense of real things like health. We’ll screw up our liv

0097 – use condensed terms to simplify your thinking

<!– dream interpretation It has been a long and strange night, yet not really. I slept late, at 1am. Yet I am wide an

0096 – identity creation and narratives

Monday morning, earlier than usual. (Deciding to add or two of context to every vomit so it’s easier for me to sort them

0095 – more on gamification, relationships

Okay- while my mind is clear and I have a bit of time, I want to re-approach the ideas of gamification and subjectivization (i

0094 – games aren’t just games

Spent half my train ride looking for a really good picture of FemShep to use as a motivational wallpaper. (Heroine of Masss Ef

0093 – transitioning to adulthood, maladjustment

Wasn’t actually planning to do a word vomit this morning- I was doing some reading (blog.asmartbear.com today) But then

0092 – gamification, orteil, pacman

Been using Beeminder for a couple of days. Yesterday I did an extra set of pushups and felt more compelled to publish my eveni

0091 – blog history and cultivation

On the way home. It occurred to me at the last minute that the latest blogpost in doing for work might actually be quite a hit

0090 – firelighting, aphorisms, unknowns, free-roam, shackle-free slavery

I slept at midnight last night- a little later than necessary but not too late. I didn’t set an alarm, and so I slept lo

0089 – starting beeminder

I don’t know if I’m just tired, but I just erased the past two starts I made at doing this vomit. This is of cours

0088 – break up with the saboteur-bum in your head

A new day. Yesterday I entered rage mode at work when a couple of ideas collided in my head (productivity + dating site prompt