0085 – Keep the psychologically-insulated parasite at bay

Random thoughts are hard to come by these days but I just found myself thinking about language and social hierarchy, thanks to

0084 – remember the anguish of being unproductive

Argh I’m so angry with myself. I was distracted and unproductive today, taking way too long to do the little work that I

0083 – avoid talking over people, ask questions and listen instead

I’m up and out a little earlier today, which is great. Still not as early as I’d like- I remember reading up when

0082 – metaphorical airports destinations comfort zone

So what lenses should I build, what have I built, what is actually useful? (Let’s drop the lens analogy.) The answer is

0081 – evaluate and improve your publishing configuration(s)

Alright! This is starting to feel really natural now, I write in evernote on my way to and from office. I’m not sure why

0080 – be mindful of your age and the passage of time

1: relative ages 2: twitter impulse 3: waking earlier but lingering in bed 4: underestimating the seemingly trivial, daily blo

0079 – back, business, writing skills

On the way home now. I was going to start with “back!”, because it feels like I abruptly ended the last vomit with

0078 – become a happy healthy entrepreneur

It’s a new week. I had a silly minor epiphany yesterday: I ought to get really good at my job. I’m not sure why th

0077 – sex and sexy stuff

All right, writing time. Decided to take the stairs down instead of the lift because what the heck, it’s only 6 floors.

0076 – freedomspotting and bullshit

Just read an article on ribbonfarm called On Freedomspotting and I loved it- it set things clear for me. I would’ve take

0075 – sleepy and unfocused

Have been a bit sleep deprived or something the past couple of days. Maybe dehydrated too. Wasn’t very productive at wor

0074 – stop sharpening the axe

Here’s an interesting phenomenon I wasn’t expecting to witness until say 200 or 300 posts into this 1000 post comm

0073 – strive to transcend local optimums

I’m feeling somewhat calm. My cat is asleep beside me. The wife is cleaning up the house- some of my cousins are visitin

0072 – don’t break the chain

I don’t actually know what I’m going to write about, I just know that I don’t want to break the chain I seem

0071 – manage your energy by focusing on small tasks

I wrote about things like “big problems” and “abstract problems” and things like that, but if I may be

0070 – social media and me (and games and addiction)

Was writing about excitement, how it’s important for Singaporeans to have something to be excited about, talked about mu

0069 – navigate by excitement

This is an immediate followup to what I was writing earlier (yeah, I’m running straight through it). I was talking about

0068 – beyond Singapore

For the most part my blog is known as a “Singaporean blog”. 6 or 7 (or more) of my top-grossing blogposts are all

0067 – rotten apple

The last thought I ended with when I was writing on the way to work this morning was- how do you save a kid from himself when

0066 – starting over, reflections on procrastination

Life may not be meaningful but it can and should be exciting. That seems to be Elon’s conclusion following his existenti