0065 – Marketing

Marketing is fundamentally the communication of value. Some people reduce it to sloganeering and jingles and advertising, but

0064 – making music/art sustainably in singapore

Alright I got a lot on my mind. (Overslept and am late for work argh). Two thoughts- how to make art sustainably and how to ha

0063 – good questions and referral marketing

Well I’m on the way home now. Had a decent day at work. Good start in the morning, and decent finish- I shipped a post t

0062 – Facebook fatigue

There’s severely diminishing returns to time spent on Facebook and other social media. I don’t entirely understand

0061 – RT, structure and routine

Wow this morning’s post was over 1.5k words. Somewhat remarkable. I just left work because I got to head to remedial tra

0060 – what is blog for, what’s your water

Two questions on my mind, let’s start with the blog. It’s always been on my mind, sometimes at the forefront and

0059 – Waking Early

Good morning. It’s 0650hrs. I went to bed at 0000 last night. I did my best to calm my mind, to be in a state of fitful

0058 – Monotasking

That’s the first thing on my mind today, the importance of monotasking. (I didn’t charge my phone last night and I

0057 – Stop feeding the trolls

Work today. Stuff I’m proud of: 1: I avoided feeding a troll today. I’m typically someone who’s fairly easy

0056 – rip you out of my skull

Today was an earlier morning than usual. Slept a little earlier than usual.  It is clear that sleeping early- before 11pm, fr

0055 – define your habits and improve them

Just got on the train,  damn it’s crowded. Wonder if I can complete a full word vomit before I get home. If I do, IR

0054 – ecommerce

Written on the train from one-north to Yishun I feel like I’m reaching a stage with my work where I’m starting to

0053 – we rarely love people

The following are two combined half-vomits written on the train. Incoherent, etc. You shouldn’t bother reading this. I&#