0052 – should you motivate yourself by comparing yourself with others?

My feedly isn’t loading and social media has diminishing returns so I souls just start writing. My mind isn’t part

0051 – strive to appreciate and embody happiness

I saw my wife reading Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project and it was something I had stumbled upon on some book revie

0050 – pursue flow

My last blogpost got significantly more attention than any of my other word vomits. (I was going to say “a surprising am

0049 – “I didn’t do well because I didn’t study”

This is something I’ve said to many people over the years, in many situations. I say it to myself all the time and it

0048 – brain reality and starting from scratch (jailbreak!)

Here’s a simple idea worth exploring- what goes on inside your brain affects what happens in reality. What you do. How y

0047 – Consider businesses and corporations, schools and social life

Humans build businesses and corporations that exploit human frailties and weaknesses. They exploit the human need for chemical

0046 – being a fucking human being

Fiction is about what it’s like to be a fucking human being, said David Foster Wallace. The poor bastard was cursed with

0045 – pick the smallest problem and annihilate it

Hey let’s try doing a word vomit like this! I’m using an app (it’s not write or die, but it’s built in

0044 – just wing it

Well when I’m done with this I would have written 44,000 words. I was hoping to be moving at a much faster rate, but I k