0036 – strive to be thoughtful and compassionate

Yes I know, I fell off the bandwagon for a while, and I got a little worked up trying to think about how I was going to fix it

0035 – HDB

He sits in an empty house with the woman of his dreams nestled in his lap like a kitten, only bigger, more beautiful and more

0034 – waking early

Somebody said to me yesterday, “You’ve got so much potential, isn’t it a waste if you don’t go to Univ

0033 – blah update

It’s 1pm. Yesterday, I began to feel sleepy at about 940pm. I thought I’d be in bed at 10pm. Ended up talking to p

0032 – “Safety” + Modifying Behaviour + Desire Paths

Should I go for another one, right now, hot off the heels of having just finished one vomit right before? Can I do 2000 words

0031 – identify limiting thoughts + avoid excessive safety

I went up to shower and I was so overwhelmed with thoughts I’m not sure if I can capture all of them: limiting thought,

0030 – early morning + urban legends

Went to bed early last night and it may have been one of those little “best decisions ever”. I’m up at 420am

0029 – strive to maximize flow

Well this is a little sobering- it’s 3:36am- the time that I said I would be done with all 4 word vomits, and I’m

0028 – the 25%

Afraid isn’t who we are, failure isn’t who we are- fear is a feeling, failure is an event- fear and failure happen

0027 – missed a day

Well it’s day 5/6 of 2013. I didn’t do any word vomits for day 4 and day 5, and I feel quite shitty about that- te

0026 – meeting older friends + singapore/overview effect

Just spent 53 minutes watching a Dave Chappelle special that was “recommended for You” that I didn’t particu

0025 – sleep, dreams, friendship, culture

I just woke up. It’s 1:38pm. My back kinda hurts a little. My throat kinda hurts a little. But I bet I can fix these thi

0024 – Identify procrastination as pain-avoidance, and lean into the pain

Wow, I’m tired. I woke up at 4am this morning and I stayed up until the evening, when I slept for maybe 2-3 hours from 5

0023 – Quora + Naam Ras + Jamming

There are two things on my mind right now- Quora and Naam Ras. It’s 6:25am. Yesterday I told myself that I would get off

0022 – value of limits + job pls

It’s 10:39pm and I just met a friend for kopi. It was pleasant and good. We met at about 9pm, and I decided to set an al

0021 – let go of your judgement of others

Well so today is the first day of a new year, and I promised myself that I was going to do two word vomits a day, so here̵