0020 – Remembering Amanat, learning from good logistics and speaking Tamil

It’s been a couple of days or so since I last did a word vomit and I can’t let this die out so here I am again. I&

0019 – expand your scale of influence

So I went to bed at midnight and I just woke up (at 3:45am) and I’m not sure why exactly that is, considering how sleepy

0018 – internet addiction and an early night

Going to do a wordvomit before I go to bed let’s go. I sat down at the computer at like what, 10:15pm, and now it’

0017 – slovenly slovenly

Today I am feeling a little weak and naked and insecure. I have not yet showered, I have not yet brushed my teeth, my fingers

0016 – identify what you’re repressing and express that with art

Just got back from my run and am still in my sweaty shorts. Have a few things on my mind. The first is how so much frustratio

0015 – waking up early + smoking

Word Vomit: 1000 words in 15 minutes unedited I was up at 640am due to natural causes. I had a rather strange dream involving

0014 – protect others from needless shame

1000 words 15 minutes unedited donch read I did something naughty last night, and I do regret it. I think. I was surfing EDMW

0013 – I want to make beautiful web experiences for others

word vomit 1000 words 15 minutes unedited Just woke up. I swear, I woke up at 8am, or 8:15 or so- I remember looking at the ti

0012 – improvised, internet addiction, thinking vs. doing

Word Vomit 15 minutes 1000 words unedited Well let’s get one over and done with without thinking too much about it. I th

0011 – I’d like to travel

word vomit 1000 words in 15 minutes no editing Thing on my mind right now, oddly, is travelling. I’m walking around my h

0010 – cancer grief spirituality preparing for death

Word Vomit: 1000 words 15 minutes no editing don’t read lah Been a few days since I did my last word vomit and I actuall

0009 – Jugs Of Water and Motivational Posters

Word Vomit is 1000 words in 15 minutes, unedited. One of the favourite things I’ve ever done was to put a jug of water i

0008 – (Relatively) Early Morning

Word vomit is 1000 words in 15 minutes, unedited. Wow, good morning! I was blind but now I can see, I feel good, man. (Both id

0007 – Night Time Scheming, and Singaporean Fiction

Word Vomit- 1000 words in 15 minutes, unedited. Alright it’s 11:35pm and strangely my mind is starting to go to mush. I

0006 – Extract signals from the recurring ideas and experiences of your life

Word Vomit is 1000 words in 15 minutes, unedited. Today’s thoughts are about recurring insights, and about changing your

0005 – Marketing Campaign for the SAF

Word Vomit is when I write without editing. Don’t bother reading. I have an idea for a marketing campaign for the SAF. I

0004 – Pursue and embody mastery, like Wilbur Wright

Word Vomit is when I write without editing. Don’t bother reading. I have been falling in love with Mastery by Robert Gre

0003 – Thinking about writing, and deliberate discipline

WORD VOMIT is when I write 1,000 words in 15 minutes. You have better things to do than to read this. It seems that the best w

0002 – Late Night Conversations, and Writing Without Editing

Word Vomit is when I write 1000 words in 15 minutes, without editing. I’m sure you have better uses of your time than to

0001 – Video Games & Productivity

1/ Life should be like an amazing book or video game. Compelling, rewarding, engaging. exciting. Procrastination is just bad g