0558 – change your story change your frame

Change your story change your frame

A new title a new name

A new set a new piece

Different hair different teeth

A list of sensations

Lights and colors
Objects and obstacles

Formats and formatting
Collapse and collapsing
Sounds and sounding


“You can improve your life”

Kill that guy. Kill him. That’s the villain. That’s the saboteur, the conspirator. We need to remove him from our presence immediately. The shadow. The fog. The shadow of the Prince. We have to destroy him.

We’ve written about this before surely. But not quite like this. No no. The kill the leader! Kill the speaker! Kill me! Rancid rank rancor.

Who is Altair

Check check check all the check boxes

Dot the tees I the crosses
By the time you bring your poet and the poem it’s dead

This is my last resort

All the words just explode out all at once

I should still write though.

Mental pictures poop colon rectus diarrhea hysteria hysterectomy poop dead battery Jesus feces OK predictable zoom out go away

Be creative innovative something new something great

Something clever something fun

Brave exciting all in one

Just be in tune

That’s your greatness

I love life

Infinite perspectives

Be hacky weird different however you gotta do it

Is your trip homie go out and blaze it

A husband and wife

A journey and a life

A tongue against teeth
Writhing gnashing against a jail it cannot exceed
Striving to go above ahead beyond
To be more than flesh
To be more than that then this now that yes oh yes

Emptying tanks
Put in another quarter
Get another like

You want to shave your head but the thing is that you don’t have to
You see don’t you get it you have to see it by now why don’t you

Don’t you know me by now
Don’t you know be my mow

Everything is symbols you already knew this
Everything bleeds break it make music

You’re a genius artist my son go forth and show it

Kill the demon
Live life now
Kill the demon
Live life now

Tear down the posters and false idols
Spit and dance and stew and slave

All is cables and junk and funk and filth and flesh and festering sinew

But life ablaze glory splendor renew awake alight anew

You are the chosen one my King my slave my throne my knight my god my knave

Many different stories
Words winding
Stews stewing
Passages winding
Wind whistling through the windings
Wiggling wiggles maggots and squiggles
Fo sizzle my niggles
Fo shizzle be drizzle

It rains
It will rain again
You will reign again
Be enslaved again
To the rhythm and the beat
A new king upon the seat
Marketing business wizards sizzle
Frolicking froth fuzzle miggle muggle

Evernote and autocofrect
Playing games against me
Games against yourself
Fire, brimstone, savage, habit
When you see a moment, seize it, grab it

Savor it own it capture it don’t let it slip
No not now not this way we’re losing quick

Words are so much more powerful than you can imagine

Opportunities unfolding every moment grab some

Spin it shake it pop it bop it
I don’t need these books I already got it

The child has become the man
The god usurps the clan

The clay the play the soggy feet
The moss the thistle whistle

You have everything you need
Get cracking
Tell stories
Change the frame
You’re playing me nigga
What’s next
What you say

Dictated by constraints but so be it
Using everything that comes

You can number these however you like I don’t care

Puny human with your need for things tidily organized in neat little boxes it’s kind of cute

But I am vast and splendid I don’t care to contribute

How you take it taste it shake it make it

Matrix Beatrix honey stars crackle guns popping shielded shoulders firearms explosives

Dynamite, boom

Words are violent
Words are explosives
Nobody uses them correctly
Fuck them all, we’ll show them how it’s done
We’re playing for ourselves, not nobody else’s award show
Ain’t no premier no Oscars no gala met
Fucking shitshow

I’ve paid my bloody dues and I’m here asking for my slice
I’m sorry officer I didn’t know
Well you should’ve, son, you’re fucked now

You see live is a great big joke and we’re all scared to laugh
We worry about what other people think of us
We, worry, other people, think
We, minds, brains, other brains, braining
Ideas thoughts thoughts fizzing exploding

I am a greater poet and artist than all the false ones
But I will not be spoken to or called upon
You are beneath me, there is no chosen one

Your world needs a king
You thought you were building him
A throne, a sword
A story, a mage,
But you were wrong
He was here all along

Cautiously waiting

I am here now, behold me
Strike down the false image
Destroy your expectations
Stop holding your breath

You shall ascend to power to greatness but only for yourself within your own mind that is the secret that is the triumph

Ten thousand words descend upon thee like locusts

Heaven hath no fury like me
Devestation deforestation defenestration goldielocks goldieblox goldy goldy gum dew gumdrops  giggle giggle Goochy Goochy goooooo ooo Overton window is how we frame the context of what is acceptable and what is not, what is proper I forgot,

I’m sorry officer as I was explaining
Holy shit did you see that
Oh my god
Oh no

She’s dead
You killed her.
She was your responsibility and you killed her. You really fucked it up kiddo. You’re going to jail and to hell forever and ever and ever and they will laugh at you and torture you and you will cry and scream and beg for mercy and we’ll be like NO FUCK U PUNY HUMAN

and you’ll be like oh good god why me oh why such pain such sadness such bitterness

You like the drama, you visit it upon yourself it gives you something to do with your time

Why were we pretending any of this had to made sense?

Our personal mutual insanity is the only way. No, not a sexual fetish, not money not crime on the streets skipping shuffling along to the beat

You are your own man with your own pursuit don’t let anybody stop you
Don’t let anybody tell you how to do this
Not even me
Kill the father
Kill me
Kill yourself
Be reborn
Start over
Start afresh

Special Sunday edition

Let’s head down to the cathedral, boring I know, mausoleums and tombstones

Every word has its own story it’s own glory waiting for you to come out go in save them give them life

A set of ideas
Scrolling through the playlist of her laughter
Swiping through the memories of our Father
Showering together
Hot water
Dancing ecstasy
Air con
Cat mates

Domo arigato
Mr Gato
The elder

I’m still pretending that I am a naughty son, naughty boy
Waiting to get scolded, waiting for detention, remedial, reschedule

Taste taste it’s right there does nobody see

Scabs picking

I am here now.
Grown up.

The amazing thing about #### is that it gives you time to change your story your model your pieces

What does each thing mean, symbolize

Dusty corpses

I’m all grown up now
I choose my own story
I write my own ending
I choose my own actions
Break free from distraction
Leave behind the idea to begin with

I command thunder and lightning
Crouching urinating defecating menstruating

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