Hi, I’m Visa! 👋🏾

I’m a marketer by trade. I build content teams to achieve marketing goals.

I was the first marketing hire at ReferralCandy. I managed the ReferralCandy blog in particular. I’ve helped it grow from 2,000 hits per month to over 130,000 hits per month. ReferralCandy users have now made over $100,000,000 in referral revenue.

I’m always happy to talk about content marketing, SEO, distribution, hiring writers, managing a writing team, etc. My slides on “how I edit email copy” was well-received on Twitter.

I also write for pleasure and mischief. I like to help people see things in new and different ways.

I’m currently working on @1000wordvomits, a project to write 1,000,000 words in 1,000 sets of 1,000. I started on this project in December 2012. As of June 2018, I’m 70% complete.

I maintain a list of bookmarks that are quite popular.

Here’s a list of links about building and maintaining good communities.

What I wish I knew when I started work

Letter to a young songwriter

How to bullshit everybody with an inspirational success story, sans facts [2014]

My relationship with religion

Self-love and the moral failing fallacy

Pondering the heat death of the universe [2013]

One must imagine Sisyphus LOL-ing

My journey from underachieving student to moderately competent adult

I’ve had a blogpost about procrastination hit the front page of Hacker News, which got me over 18,000 hits and all sorts of interesting emails and requests.


Would modern day Singapore as a nation cease to exist if a megaton nuclear bomb was detonated over it?

My blogpost about meeting Singapore’s PM Lee Hsien Loong went viral a few years back.

My examples of racism in Singapore list is pretty popular.

Reach out to me:

The best way to reach me is on Twitter, at @visakanv. You can also try emailing me.

I also have a Telegram channel!

I send out an occasional email via TinyLetter. I try to keep it intimate: tinyletter.com/visakanv

Other things about me:

I co-founded statement.sg, which has sold over $100,000 worth of t-shirts and counting.

I have a wife and two cats.